if me is a community for mental health experiences that encourages people to share their personal stories with trusted allies.
Trusted allies are the people we interact with on a daily basis, including friends, family members, co-workers, teachers, and mental health workers.
Dealing with mental health is what makes us human. But for a lot of us, it's a struggle to be open about it.

Not everyone is a counsellor or therapist. The people who we interact with everyday shape our emotions and behaviour. Getting them involved in mental health treatment is the key to recovery.

"It's not just all in your head, it's all around you. We can heal together."

Mental health is such an individual and unique experience. No two brains are alike! Tackling the problem requires ideas from everyone, which is why the project is open source.

We are open source because mental health should be open.
We are always looking for your help and feedback!
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Our app is a completely open source project. It's built and maintained by volunteers of many different backgrounds and skill sets.

In 2016, we received a community grant from Linebreak. In 2017, we received funding from Fund Club.

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